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Meteor crater

Meteor Crater Map Meteor Crater MapINFO: Meteor crater is a meteorite impact crater located approximately 69 km or 43 miles east of Flagstaff, near Winslow in the northern Arizona desert. Meteor crater lies at an elevation of about 1,740 m (5,709 ft) above sea level. It is about 1,200 m (4,000 ft) in diameter, some 170 m deep (570 ft), and is surrounded by a rim that rises 45 m (150 ft) above the surrounding plains. This site was #1 on our Arizona trip list, and most unique.

YEAR: Summer 2010

STORY: After we landed on Phoenix International Airport, we collected our belongings and caught the bus to the car rental pickup. We planned long distance drives on all types of roads and therefore we rented a four wheel drive. It was late afternoon and we enjoyed a beautiful sunset on the way to the hotel. The outside temperature was unbearable, it was slightly above 42 degrees C (108 F), considering we are from Scandinavia and used to a much cooler climate, we almost started to doubt our choice of destination.

We head off early the following morning and found our way to the Meteor crater by using our previously programmed GPS. We stocked up with  plenty of water and snacks and started our adventure. First we had to drive North all the way to Flagstaff and then turn to the East and continue on the U.S Highway 40 for about 70km (112 miles). It was pretty easy to find even without a GPS.

When we first saw the crater, we where really astonished to see how large it was. It must have been an enormous meteor that crashed in order to create such a large crater. It made us realize how small we humans really are against the forces of the universe. They offered guided tours where one could walk around the rim of the crater, but unfortunately we came a bit late so the last tour had just left. We spent some time taking photos from the other panoramic view points instead. It was really hot outside and we decided to spend some time inside the air conditioned visitor centre. They offered a short movie explaining the history of the place based on scientific research performed in the crater,  and also a brief description on what happens when a meteor enters Earth’s atmosphere. It’s lots of things to see inside the museum located inside the visitor centre as well, including a big lump of the original meteor. After having spent a few hours in the area we decided to drive back to Flagstaff and find a new accommodation for the night.

• Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II

• Camera: Canon EF 16-35 F/2.8 Mark II and circular polarizing filter.

PHOTO:  Meteror Crater Meteror Crater panoramic view